History of Kimono Fabrics

Throughout Japan's history, myriad dyeing and weaving techniques flourished, leading to the emergence of intricate and vibrant designs. The colors, patterns, and motifs on kimono fabrics became important symbols of status, tradition, and aesthetics, with each region of Japan developing its distinct styles. The result is a world of textiles that transcends both fashion and art.

Today, the introduction of machinery and modern dyeing methods has made processes more efficient; however, traditional techniques, and the crafstpeople who carried them down, are fading away. 

Ichijiku's goal is simple: to show the world the true beauty and history of kimono, in an accessible, yet respectful way. In doing so, we hope to reinvigorate the kimono industry, to ensure this incredible art form can once again thrive and evolve far into the future.

Ichijiku fabrics are sourced from all over Japan, and are meticulously curated. 

What makes our fabrics special:

  • Highest quality vintage kimono silk
  • Wide array of dyeing and weaving styles, motifs, colors, representative of different regions of Japan
  • Special collections of ultra rare pieces, crafted from forgotten techniques
  • Exclusive collaborations with well-established fabricmakers, as well as up and coming craftspeople, for custom-made fabrics

The Collections

Ichijiku fabric collections are curated to tell a particular story. It may be a specific pattern, season, technique, regionor even something as simple as a feeling. The common thread connecting our collections is that they are all timeless representations of kimono history and craftsmanship.