What is Ichijiku?

Ichijiku is a Tokyo-based sustainable, ethical ultra luxury brand which creates one of a kind bespoke apparel and accessories from the highest quality antique kimonos.

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Ichijiku Kimono Fabric Collection

With nearly 1500 years of history, kimono is easily reocgnized around the world as the representative garment of Japan. But the true beauty of kimono is deeper than its final form: it's the fabrics that tell the story.

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星(Hoshi) - Blazer

Our signature Kimono Bespoke piece. Depending on the choice of fabric used, Hoshis can be worn in the most formal, or casual of settings. Available as made to measure, or full bespoke.

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Ichijiku Gallery Reservation

Reserve your exclusive shopping experience at the Ichijiku Gallery in Shibuya with up to 5 guests.

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