Privacy Policy


As a business operator which handles personal information, Ichijiku recognizes the need and importance of protection of personal information. To ensure rigorous protection of personal information, Ichijiku complies with the basic policy below concerning protection of personal information, and familiarizes all personnel with this policy.

1. Basic Policy

a) Ichijiku complies with all guidelines issued by relevant authorities, and other laws and regulations concerning proper handling of personal information.

b) Ichijiku acquires personal information in a proper manner, and except as otherwise provided for by law, uses such information within the purpose of utilization of personal information that has been disclosed in advance, was informed or explicitly stated at the time of receipt.

c) In order to prevent loss, alteration or leakage of personal information, Ichijiku implements appropriate security controls for handling of personal information including information security.

d) Ichijiku reviews, on a regular basis, its management system and efforts for the protection of personal information to attain continuous improvement.

2. Handling of Personal Information

By posting this Privacy Policy on this website, Ichijiku discloses in advance the purposes of utilization of personal information.

a) Purposes of Utilization of Personal Information

i) To provide product sales, subscription services, import/export service, and various other services to be offered or rendered by Ichijiku;

ii) To select and hire personnel and to conduct human resources management after hiring;

iii) To respond to various inquiries from you; and

iv) To implement comprehensive risk management based, inter alia, on the requirements for compliance with laws and regulations and quality control.

b) Provision to Third Parties

As a rule, Ichijiku does not provide personal data to any third parties, except where such provision is permitted by applicable laws or regulations, or where the person is deemed to have consented to such provision under the purpose or policy of applicable laws and regulations.

3. Management of Personal Information

a) Ichijiku strives to keep personal data accurate and up to date within the scope necessary to achieve a utilization purpose.

b) In order to prevent loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information, Ichijiku safely manages personal information and takes appropriate information security measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses.

c) Ichijiku appoints an individual responsible for management of personal information to implement appropriate control over personal information. Ichijiku ensures appropriate handling of personal information in its day-to-day business by offering training programs focused on protection and proper management of personal information for managers, directors and other staff.

d) Ichijiku appropriately supervises its personnel and its trustees with respect to the handling of personal information.

4. Procedures to Comply with Requests on Retained Personal Data for Disclosure, Correction, etc.

Upon receiving a request on any personal data retained, such as a request for disclosure, correction and utilization cease, etc. relating to applicable laws, Ichijiku will appropriately meet such request pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.

Please contact us for information on the specific procedures.

5. Complaints/Inquiries

If you have complaints, opinions or questions regarding the handling of personal information by Ichijiku, please contact us.

6. Revision of the Privacy Policy

Ichijiku may from time to time revise all or a part of this Privacy Policy as necessary. When revisions are made, the updated Privacy Policy will be posted on this homepage, or notified by other appropriate means.


Ichijiku (“当社”)は、個人情報取扱事業者として、個人情報保護の必要性および重要性を認識しておりま す。当社は、以下のとおり個人情報保護に関する基本方針を定め、すべての従業者に 周知徹底するとともに、当該方針を遵守し、個人情報保護を徹底いたします。


a) The Companyは、個人情報保護法および関連官庁ガイドラインその他個人情報の適 正な取扱いに関連する法令を遵守します。

b) 当社は、個人情報を取得する場合は適正に行うものとし、法令の定める場合のほかは、あらかじめ公表した、あるいは取得の際に通知または明示した個人情報の利用目的範囲内において使用します。

c) 当社は、個人情報の紛失、改ざん、漏えい等を防止するため、情報セキ ュリティを含めた個人情報の取扱いに関する安全管理を適切に実行します。

d) 当社は、個人情報保護のための管理体制および取り組みを定期的に見直し 、継続的な改善に努めます。


当社は、「プライバシーポリシー」を当ホームページに掲載することにより、個人情報 の利用目的についてあらかじめ公表いたします。

a) 個人情報の利用目的

i) 商品の販売、メールマガのサブスクリプション及び輸出入、その他、当社におい て提供される各種サービスのご案内およびご提供による情報提供。



iv) 法令遵守・品質管理等の必要性に基づく総合的なリスク管理。

b) 第三者提供



a) 当社は、利用目的の達成に必要な範囲内において、個人データを正確かつ最新の内容に保つよう努めます。

b) 当社は、個人情報を安全に管理し、個人情報の紛失、破壊、改ざんおよび漏えいを防止するため、不正アクセス、コンピュータウィルス等に対する適正な情報セキュリティ対策を講じます。

c) 当社は、個人情報管理責任者を任命し、個人情報の適正な管理を実施します。社員・職員その他の従業者に対しては、個人情報の保護および適正な管理方法等について研修を行い、日常業務における個人情報の適正な取扱いを徹底します。

d) 当社は、個人情報の取扱いについて、従業者および委託先を適切に監督いたします。